This article doesn’t contain any spoilers.

There are three different ways to react to this present week: “Just another ordinary week”; “Why did China ban Winnie The Pooh, really?” or “After all this time, winter has finally come!”

So basically those are either the ones who know of Game of Thrones, but don’t watch it; the ones who don’t know the show; and the ones who most likely own a very geeky Game of Thrones t-shirt, probably with a Tyrion Lannister quote (like me).

The truth is that these tv series has reached the most varied types of people. For outsiders, it might look like just a show about the medieval era, rich kings and war.

Some call it overrated, but I don’t think that is a fair statement. Game of Thrones didn’t turn into a cult series just by chance – and it will be a hard one to top.

It took time. It took a lot of work. What made the show come to where it is now, was the viewers. The “satisfied customers”. And how? Through ordinary recommendations to their friends.

See, it is hard nowadays to satisfy so many people with a product/service. Especially in the entertainment business. In this case, it can be put in simple terms: valuable content marketing was done right, therefore it drove profitable customer action – through word-of-mouth.


It’s all about the value of the content. 


And what are the major sources of this value? The first one is probably the plot: it’s enormous, dense, complex, perfectly put together and never fails to surprise us every time. Then it comes the characters, and by this I mean the ones that became pretty iconic in the tv series’ world: like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Tyrion and Cersei Lannister (Yes, Cersei is epic and you know it). And why do we like these characters so much? Okay, we might cut Cersei out of this part. Well, they are unbelievable and absolutely inspiring. This, of course, has everything to do with the plot, for they are legends, their personalities, their choices, their actions, their choice of words and even their facial expressions.

Next, comes the realness of the violence and deaths: they’re ruthless and raw, and sometimes they make us flinch. Not to forget how easily an important character can die – it’s real. Another source of value is the controversial scenes – perfect to make people talk and discuss, for strong emotions are crucial. The amount of nudity and incestuous moments won’t let the viewers simply watch, it’ll make them mention it to their peers. It’s genius.


At last, what can be more engaging than jaw-dropping and legendary scenery and special effects? Everything in the show is drawn with incredible attention and with an absolute quality. It makes us look frozen at the screen.


Game Of Thrones is about quality and engagement. About the viewers and not letting them down.


I’m quite sure they don’t have the capacity to let us down and will never do. Honestly, I can say it’s technically impossible.




As a die-hard fan of tv shows, it is difficult for me to find one who engages me in all episodes, who makes me super anxious for the next one. I probably just need one hand to count all the tv series that make me feel that way.